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Tubular Bells First Oil


Overview of the Journey

Find out more about Tubular Bells, or TBells, a deepwater development in the Gulf of Mexico and how the Hess team achieved first oil safely, within budget and in just three years from sanction. TBells demonstrates Hess’ capability to successfully execute highly complex deepwater development projects. One year after Hess took over as operator, the project was sanctioned in 2011 and fast-tracked with an execution schedule to first oil in just three years. Hess holds a 57.14 percent interest in the Tubular Bells Field and is the operator. Chevron USA Inc. has a 42.86 percent interest.

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MILESTONE: Topsides Lift

Working in carefully staged choreography, 14 cranes hoist the 1,000-ton TBells main deck 100 feet in the air and set it into place atop the production and cellar decks at a Houma, La. fabrication facility.

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MILESTONE: Floating Spar

The final section of the 584-foot long spar was set into place at a fabrication yard in Ingleside, Texas. Later, the completed spar was floated on its side for a 30-hour journey to the TBells location in the Gulf of Mexico.

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MILESTONE: Topsides Sail Away

Back in Houma, La., the completed topsides were loaded onto a barge. After a 10-hour trip through a canal, the barge arrived in the open water of the Gulf of Mexico. Another voyage of more than 20 hours brought the topsides to the TBells site, 135 miles southwest of New Orleans. There, huge twin cranes lifted the topsides from the barge and placed them in their final home atop the floating spar.

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MILESTONE: Deepwater Drilling

It happens far from shore and thousands of feet below the sea surface, but drilling represents one of the most challenging – and expensive – steps in any deepwater platform. Years of planning, technical expertise and teamwork are essential to complete a project safely, on time and on budget.

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What They Are Saying About TBells

A collection of comments from government and industry leaders and others recognizing the commencement of production at Tubular Bells.

“This project demonstrates what driven, innovative people can accomplish when given the opportunity to succeed,” Texas Governor Rick Perry said. 
3 years from sanction to first oil