TBells Milestone: Deepwater Drilling
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TBells Milestone: Deepwater Drilling



Stan Bond, VP Projects Offshore:

Drilling in deepwater is approximately 60-65% of the overall development cost. To have an organization that can deliver these deepwater, high-pressure wells, and do it very efficiently, is extremely important for the company and the Tubular Bells project.


Blane Cole, Manager Tubular Bells:

What it takes to get to that point is a very concerted effort, a lot of collaboration with your teams, and actually executing your plan very effectively.


Terry Gatlin, Tubular Bells Drilling:

I think what sets the Tubular Bells team apart is the people - the dedication of the people on the team. Everybody brings a certain knowledge or area of expertise, and when everybody comes together it just makes for really good results.


Blane Cole:

We go through an extensive planning process, longer than the execution phase.  And then we go execute the well. As we're executing the well, we're having regular meetings on lessons that we've learned because some of the lessons are able to be utilized on one of the next phases of the operation, not just the next well.


Stan Evans, Manager Subsurface - Tubular Bells:

The collaboration  that we see on Tubular Bells is second to none. They have executed and managed the risk tremendously.  To me it shows the quality of our drilling and completions group and team.


Blane Cole:

The safety culture at Hess is very dynamic, and it's growing. It's very process oriented, making sure that we have pre-job meetings, JSA's, reviewing our work programs, making sure everybody's on the same page as to what we have to deliver to make sure we're all aligned in achieving our safety goals of everyone going home in as good or better condition than they arrived at the rig.


Terry Gatlin:

Seeing what Hess is actually capable of I think it has helped open doors, build partnerships...whether it be with our service providers or other operators.


Stan Bond:

Chevron has looked at Hess as being a trusted partner, because they've seen the performance from the Tubular Bells team. They have recognized us as "This is a company that we want to go work with". We went out - executed - and people started to take notice.  And this is what sets Hess apart. This is a tool that we can use to get other deepwater opportunities in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, and actually deepwater around the world.