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How We Operate


We aim to help meet the world’s growing energy needs in a way that protects the health and safety of our people, safeguards the environment and contributes to the sustainability of the communities where we operate while delivering long term value to our shareholders and other stakeholders. Our expectations for sustainable management and performance are defined by the Hess Values, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Social Responsibility Policy, Human Rights Policy, and Environment, Health and Safety Policy. We apply these principles to key company processes and initiatives, as described in this section.

For a detailed description of our governance, key enterprise processes, Hess Operational Management System, business conduct, political engagement and supply chain, please refer to our 2021 Sustainability Report.

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    A Key Corporate Value

    Social Responsibility, a core Hess Value, describes our commitment to corporate citizenship and creating a long lasting positive impact on the communities where we do business.

    Read the Hess Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
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    Avoiding Use of Conflict Minerals

    At Hess, we seek to avoid the use of minerals in our products that help fund armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries.

    Read the Hess Conflict Minerals Policy
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    Hess' Human Rights Policy

    Our commitment to human rights is embodied in our Hess Values, Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, and Social Responsibility Policy. We formalize our commitments in our Corporate Human Rights Policy.

    Read the Hess Human Rights Policy
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    Protecting People and Respecting the Environment

    We continue to build and strengthen a corporate culture of safety and are committed to minimizing any negative environmental and social impacts of our activities.
    Read the Hess Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Sustainable Tax Practices

The Hess Tax Department’s purpose is to be “trusted to deliver stakeholder value.” We recognize that we have multiple stakeholders with important interests to manage and balance. Earning and keeping the trust of these stakeholders is central to our purpose, and to accomplish this objective our Tax Department focuses on stakeholder needs with integrity and competence. Hess discloses tax information for each tax jurisdiction in which we have a resident entity on an annual basis, including income tax payments and income tax expenses, within the framework of its legal obligations to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (country by country reporting).

Read more about Hess’ strategic approach to managing its global tax responsibilities


Eliminating Bribery and Corruption

We are committed to operating lawfully and ethically. Our Antibribery and Anticorruption Compliance Program promotes a culture of integrity and transparency in all of our activities.