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Our Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices

This year marks the publication of Hess Corporation’s 25th annual sustainability report, demonstrating the company’s longstanding commitment to sustainability and transparency. In keeping with our company’s purpose – to be the world’s most trusted energy partner – Hess is focused on building a sustainable enterprise that helps meet the world’s growing energy needs in a safe, environmentally responsible, socially sensitive and profitable way.


Sustainability starts at the top of our company and is reinforced at every level. Our Board of Directors is actively engaged in overseeing Hess’ environment, health, safety and social responsibility (EHS & SR) practices, working alongside senior management. Hess Corporation’s 2021 Sustainability Report shows how sustainable business practices are integrated into our company’s strategy, goals, metrics and daily operations.


We believe climate risks can and should be addressed while at the same time meeting the growing demand for affordable and secure energy, which is essential to ensure a just and orderly energy transition that aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our position, strategy, scenario planning and performance with respect to climate change can be found in the Climate Change and Energy section of our 2021 Sustainability Report and our website. Our updated carbon asset risk assessment, which includes the results of our most recent portfolio-specific scenario planning exercise, can be found in the Carbon Asset Risk section of our 2021 Sustainability Report and our website.


In keeping with the Hess Values, we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, which we believe creates value for all of our stakeholders, and to the safety of our workforce and the communities where we operate. Hess also has a proud history of social investment programs that make a positive and lasting impact on the communities where we operate primarily through education and work skill development. The company’s 2021 actions in these areas are described in in the 2021 Sustainability Report and in the Diversity and Inclusion, Safety and Health and Social Responsibility sections of our website.


With the support of our employees, communities, customers, business partners, Board of Directors and shareholders, we will continue to build a sustainable enterprise that helps meet the world’s growing energy needs and makes a positive social impact on the world around us.

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2021 Sustainability Report

The 2021 Sustainability Report and prior year reports are available here.