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Our Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices

In keeping with our company’s purpose – to be the world’s most trusted energy partner – Hess is focused on building a sustainable enterprise that helps meet the world’s growing energy needs in a safe, environmentally responsible, socially sensitive and profitable way. Our strategy has been and continues to be to grow our resource base, deliver a low cost of supply and generate industry leading cash flow growth – and at the same time maintain our industry leadership in environmental, social and governance performance and disclosure.


As we continue to execute our strategy, our longstanding commitment to sustainability will remain a top priority throughout our company. Our Board of Directors is actively engaged in overseeing Hess’ environment, health, safety and social responsibility practices, working alongside senior management. Our 2022 Sustainability Report shows how we are addressing sustainability issues and integrating sustainable business practices into our strategy, goals, metrics and daily operations.


With the support of our employees, communities, customers, business partners, Board of Directors and shareholders, we will continue to build a sustainable enterprise that helps meet the world’s growing energy needs and makes a positive social impact on the world around us.



2022 Sustainability Report

The 2022 Sustainability Report and prior year reports are available here.