TBells: Overview of the Project
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TBells: Overview of the Journey



Stan Bond, VP Projects Offshore:

Tubular Bells is a deepwater project that Hess started a couple of years ago. We’re quite excited about the overall development.

Mike McEvilly, Director Offshore -Tubular Bells:

Tubular Bells is a model for Hess moving forward.  It's certainly something we can build on and expand on, and utilize within deepwater - whether it's Gulf of Mexico, West Africa - wherever.

Jason Olson, Topsides Manager -Tubular Bells:

It's a big project in terms of not only the coordination of a lot of people but also the importance to Hess.

Blane Cole, Manager Tubular Bells:

Our leadership team takes a great interest in our safety performance in all of our operations…and making sure we’re protecting that installation, protecting the environment, and protecting the people.

Stan Evans, Manager Subsurface - Tubular Bells:

The collaboration that we see on Tubular Bells is second to none. They have executed and managed the risk tremendously.  To me it shows the quality of our drilling and completions group and team.

Stan Bond:

We’re one of the few operators that are able to deliver an E&P deepwater project on schedule.

Terry Gatlin, Tubular Bells Drilling:

I think we’ve raised the bar for Hess.  We’ve shown people that you can properly plan and execute a major project like this safely and efficiently…that’s a pretty big achievement.