TBells Milestone: Topsides Sail Away
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TBells Milestone: Topsides Sail Away



Mike McEvilly, Director Offshore -Tubular Bells:


We're presently at Gulf Island Fabrication in Houma, Louisiana. We have the topsides on  the  cargo barge. Within minutes, we'll be sailing out the causeway onto the Gulf of Mexico.


Right now we're hooking up to the tugs. It's about a ten-hour journey down the canal. At the Eugene Island sea buoys we'll transfer to ocean-going tugs and then complete the journey 24 hours later at Tubular Bells.


It's a lot of effort over the course of three years, and here's the culmination sitting on the barge.  It’s another milestone. We have more to come obviously but it's a large milestone - one that we can relish and enjoy, and then we're down to the hookup and commissioning aspect of the project.


Jason Olson, Topsides Manager -Tubular Bells:

Today we're here to install the topsides. The topsides arrived on its approximately thirty-hour journey from Houma, Louisiana. We're going to be taking the topsides and picking it up with the twin set of cranes here and putting it onto the hull.


Mike McEvilly:

This operation, which will take just over the course of a few hours, has taken months and years from a planning perspective.  So the execution hopefully is seamless, given the amount of planning that was done prior to the event.


Jason Olson:

What's going on behind me is Saipem preparing their cranes for lifting the topsides.  They're hooking up to the slings, we're going to be rotating the S7000, the vessel we're on right now, and lowering the topsides onto the hull.


We've achieved a great accomplishment here today.  It's been a lot of work on behalf of the Hess team, this will be a great milestone for the company.