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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility (SR) is integrated into the way we do business, enhancing our ability to be an effective and trusted energy partner.

At Hess, we are committed to being a trusted energy partner and community member in all of our areas of operation. One way we do this is by integrating social responsibility (SR) into the way we do business. Our approach to SR is centered on three focus areas: stakeholder engagement, social risk and impact management, and strategic social investments that facilitate direct and indirect local benefits. Proactively engaging with communities and stakeholders where we operate maximizes our business value, helps us manage social risks and impacts and creates opportunities for stakeholders.


Promoting Energy Efficiency in Malaysia 

Hess Malaysia recently began an engagement with the Energy Efficiency Program (EEP), a joint industry–government effort to raise awareness among secondary school students on the efficient use of energy resources (in particular natural gas).

In November 2016 a geologist and an engineer from Hess’ North Malay Basin asset visited two schools and shared their experiences working in the oil and gas industry. The sessions also included science demonstrations and presentations on energy resources and the electricity supply system in Malaysia.

The EEP has engaged more than 3,000 secondary school students in five Malaysian states since its inception in 2014. The effort is jointly organized by Petrosains (a science museum sponsored by Malaysia’s national energy company PETRONAS) and the Malaysian Gas Association and supported by Malaysia’s Energy Commission and Ministry of Education.

North Dakota Safety Council Training

In September 2016 Hess cosponsored – together with the North Dakota Safety Council – a series of workshops designed to prepare local first responders to safely respond to oil and gas emergencies. The North Dakota Emergency Medical Services Association (NDEMSA) provided free workshops, which were in part built on best practices from safety training courses in our other areas of operation, at a conference in Bismarck for law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical personal. Topics for the sessions included incident command for oil and gas emergencies, drilling rig safety, response protocols for workplace violence and active shooter situations, landing zone safety and communications, responding to pipeline emergencies and more.

We also worked with the North Dakota Safety Council to sponsor a day of sessions at NDEMSA’s 2016 Southwest Region Emergency Medical Services Conference. The sessions covered topics similar to those at the Bismarck conference, with the same objective of preparing attendees to safely respond to oil and gas emergencies. The audience for these sessions included companies, communities and emergency personnel.