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Safeguarding the environment is a key aspect of the Hess Value of Social Responsibility.

Responsible management of environmental impacts – including water use, air emissions, waste and spills – is an essential component of our drive for operational excellence and an important part of how we do business every day. We also dedicate significant staff and resources to help ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations, international standards and voluntary commitments.

To track our environmental performance and drive improvement over time, we use key performance metrics – including several factored into our annual incentive plan – at the asset and enterprise level. Through these efforts, we continuously strive to reduce the amount of water and energy we use, limit our emissions to air and prevent spills and other unplanned releases.

Water Management

Water management is one of our material issues and a key element of our environment, health, safety and social responsibility (EHS & SR) strategy. Water is a critical resource for our onshore exploration and production operations, where it is used primarily for cooling purposes in both our upstream and midstream operations, as well as drilling and completions, including hydraulic fracturing.

We understand public concern about our industry’s use of water, and we are committed, throughout our operations, to evaluating and reducing our water footprint. We are developing a risk-based, lifecycle approach to managing water, from sourcing through disposal. We are also working to improve our water data collection process, water risk assessment and risk-based evaluation of asset-level water management opportunities.