Social Responsibility Video Transcript
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Demonstrating Our Commitment


We take our commitment to social responsibility seriously.

Ben Badon, EHS Manager, Hess: Social Responsibility is a big part of being able to reach out to the local communities, it’s identifying what their needs are and how we can work together to not only benefit Hess, but also benefit the community that we’re working in.

Glenda Harlan, Social Responsibility Coordinator, Hess: This is the Ohio Valley. We were a big steel working community. We had two or three steel mills, and the last one just recently closed a couple years ago.  The people here want to work for the industry.  They want to know what is it that I can do to get the employment. Can you help me to help myself?

Lou Gentile, Ohio State Senator 30th
 District: Hess understands that they have to have relationships at the community level.

Glenda Harlan: 
We established scholarship programs in three of the local colleges.

RJ Konkoleski, Director of Development, Belmont College:
 We have energy related degrees and certificates that individuals can choose from that want to work in the energy sector.

Domenic Ellis, Student, Belmont College:
 I think Hess is amazing for the opportunities they’re giving me, the supplies that I need to weld and the books I need to learn.

Dr. Paul Gasparro, 
President, Belmont College: It allows them to get their jobs here and to stay here with their families.

Domenic Ellis:
 I can’t wait to work.

Glenda Harlan: 
When I hear another person in the community that’s been hired in the industry I’m excited for them.

Ben Badon:
 The work that we do, the people that we employ come from this area and as a result, this is our backyard now.

Lou Gentile:
 It’s a delicate balance of growing and sustaining the industry, while also protecting the environment and the health and safety of the workers and the families and the first responders.

Ben Badon:
 Some of the ways in which we form the bonds with the community is by having the local responders - fire, police, EMS – participate in exercises and drills.

Curtis Kyer, Cumberland Trail Fire District, St. Clairsville:
 Having a partner like Hess makes my job a lot easier. A lot of people didn’t know what a drill rig looked like, what kind of hazards there could be, and Hess realized that right away and immediately jumped in to start getting the education and the training and the information out to the local fire departments.

Ben Badon:
 Before I was at Hess, I was a firefighter. I take pride in my work knowing that it impacts not only the safety and security of our employees but also the safety and security of the communities in which we operate.

Paul Gasparro:
 Hess is, engaged in the community and treating the community as they would want to be treated.

Darol Dickinson, Dickinson Cattle Company:
 I was appreciative of the people from Hess. I had a high confidence level with people that just do what they say and show up when they’re supposed to show up.

RJ Konkoleski:
 I really feel like we’re on the threshold of something wonderful.

Glenda Harlan:
 I definitely can say the community embraces us and that’s a good feeling.