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Greg Hill, Chief Operating Officer and President of Worldwide Exploration and Production: The really nice thing about the values in a global company like Hess is you actually don’t experience a lot of conflicts with them, for the simple reason that they’re almost timeless principles of the human condition that transcend culture. Integrity. Performance.  These are all things that resonate with people of all cultures.  They’re these timeless principles that many of us learned on the knee of our parents.  And so, because of that, they’re powerful in a global company. They can almost work in any context. You’re really tested on your values and your principles when things aren’t going so well and that’s actually when we exhibit them the most.  We stick to our values, we stick to our principles and I think that’s an exceptional part of this company.  It’s probably rooted in our past – you know, this notion that we’re a family. We have family values and families stick together through thick and thin. That culture has stayed with the company through its 80-plus years of history and, to me, that’s pretty cool.