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Victoria, Foundation Engineer, London: "I joined Hess as a mechanical engineer. Hess is a global company.  We have a two-year program set for us and we do job rotations for a number of months. I've completed a production rotation and I looked at facilities and topside maintenance. And then I go into my next rotation, which is drilling. So I’ll be working on a project in Algeria, a new development project. I’ll be going out to the rig and watching the drilling operations from there. I thought this would be something I would have to wait to experience. And when I found out about it, I was really happy just to be able to get out into the field. I enjoy traveling and I enjoy learning about different cultures. And I think, from a career perspective, it really allows me to develop as a person and also on my career path. Hess provides us with a development program and encourages us to constantly develop our careers. The company gives me a great level of responsibility that makes me enjoy coming to work every morning."