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Alexander, Foundation Engineer, London: "The kind of work I do right now really varies from month to month because I’m being exposed to different projects. I’m a graduate from petroleum engineering, but at Hess, for the next year or year and a half, I’m going to be exposed to a range of different projects, which is perfect for me. At the moment, it just seems like being some kind of engineering detective and every day offers different jobs to do. And for an engineer, this is fine. The project I do is a technical project. It's well surveillance in one of our fields. And I was constantly in weekly contact with one of the (Exploration and Production Technology) EPT members in Houston who showed great interest in what I was doing.  I guess in some companies where the people are less approachable – senior people – you might stay in your little corner in the office and do what you can with what you have. But at Hess, we've got many opportunities to go and speak to people with a lot more experience. It really gives me and other graduates the opportunity to go and expand on what we've been told to do and produce something of much more value. For me, I think that’s going to help me develop and engineer much more effectively. I’m looking forward in the future to adding some value to the company. At the moment, the company is helping me a lot more than I’m helping it."