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Taylor, Manager, Project Management & Analysis, Energy Business Operations, Houston: "As an active reservist, I have to balance my military commitments with my professional responsibilities. When I deployed in 2011, what was memorable about the deployment is there is always a lot of personal stress and perhaps professional stress around these kinds of events.

First of all, when I told my manager, there was absolutely no question about supporting the deployment. And there was also never any question from the head of human resources, who I reached out to. We were able to have a very easy dialogue about my exact situation, how long I was talking about. The message was, 'Don’t worry, we’ll figure out how to exactly support you and make this all work out for you and your family and for your job.' There was never any doubt about my being able to transition back into it and that’s exactly what happened when I came back from the deployment.

What I think provided a big safety net when I deployed as an employee of Hess to a military situation was the network of colleagues and friends that I have here. I had quite a few people who said, 'If your wife or kids need anything, we’ll be there for them.' So I relayed that to my wife, and I think that provided some comfort to her, knowing that in my absence, there were other people who would help. There was a broader community — that was the Hess community."