Stampede Family Day
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Stampede Family Day



Today we've invited family, as well as primary contractors that have worked diligently on the project, in a recognition and celebration of where we are with the project so our families can see what we actually do day to day, and what we've been planning for the last four years.

I don't think you can really measure how important it is to some folks.  This is a rare occasion for a lot of people in the industry as well as their families.  Folks that work on this typically don't come to the field and don't have the opportunity to see the fruits of their labor. But today is an opportunity for everybody involved to walk the deck and be proud of what they've delivered today.


It's really a once in a lifetime chance for some of our families to get to see what we actually do. Not a lot of us get to see what goes on day to day on an offshore platform.  My family was super excited -  my daughter loves to see pictures of the platform and stuff, so she was really excited to be able to come here today.


My sons always want to come see what I do for a living, they really look up to their dad.  They were really excited when I told them.  Our home away from home.


I've worked in the industry for close to 34 years. For me, this is an incredible experience.  I've been involved with projects my entire career, but this one has gone extremely well.  It's the people that deliver these types of projects that make the difference.