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Hess Installs Stampede Platform in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico


Chuck Willis:

Today we're making final preparations to take the TLP offshore.  We're hooking up the tugs to get ready to tow it out to the ship channel, then we'll head offshore to a holding area and perform maintenance and some scope of work, and we'll go offshore and install the TLP.

Michael Mayer:

This is the day we close the chapter in the fabrication, construction, and engineering phases of the work or project, then we go offshore to execute the plan that we've been working on for the last four and a half years.

J.C. Surber:

When you bring the facility together that you know you've put your blood, sweat, tears, the passion that's been put into it from not only Hess employees but our contractors, with operations coming on board.  Everyone playing their part to get us to this moment - it's a significant milestone.

Chuck Cinotto:

What we see behind us represents over six and a half million man hours of actual fabrication work and that doesn't even include the engineering or the work we've done offshore already for the installation.  So it is quite an accomplishment.

Don Raborn:

In terms of the transition from here in the construction yard out to the actual production site, the transition will be a more focused one, a more detailed one to making this a producing platform.

Chuck Willis:

Installing a TLP is a very complicated dance if you will.  The Aegir is here installing the tendons for us.   12 tendons supported them onto the buoys, and then we had to hand it off to the TLP and the anchor handling boats to float over top of the tendons, use the ballasting system on the TLP.  Ballast down, and the whole time the Aegir is supplying ROVs for us to watch exactly what's going on.  So at all times we know exactly where the tendons are, where the TLP is, and we can make sure that we don't have any problems stabbing the top of the tendons through the porches that attach it to the TLP.

J.C. Surber:

It's that transition into the Gulf of Mexico to become part of history, and the fact that we're about to put this facility and bring it into motion to become that is extremely rewarding and nothing less than fantastic.

Steve Whitaker:

The team as a whole has been outstanding.  It has been excellent working together, and if there's one thing I'm most impressed with, it's all they've been able to achieve over the last four years.  And I look forward to the next twenty-five with what this facility's going to be able to achieve for Hess going forward.

J.C. Surber:

The future success of this project is going to be made with the team that is taking this offshore.  We believe we've set them up for success very well here.  We believe we've collaborated and prepared ourselves for that next step.  When we get into the Gulf of Mexico, I think everybody's going to get to witness just how successful this project is when it kicks up and starts up first oil.