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Working Globally, Hiring Locally

Local Residents Reduce Reliance on Expatriates

Employee development is a priority everywhere Hess operates, including the growth regions of Southeast Asia and West Africa. We know our long-term success depends on hiring and retaining the best available talent working wherever we operate. 

We are committed to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of our communities. A special effort is being made where we have assets in countries that are not part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, including Equatorial Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia, areas of significance for Hess because they each have at least 100 employees.

Our goals are to develop local talent to reduce our reliance on expatriates, as well as to provide all of our employees the tools, learning, experiences and opportunities they need to grow in their current jobs and prepare for the next steps in their career paths.

In the West African nation of Equatorial Guinea (EG), for example, local nationals represented 72 percent of our staff in 2011. They included employees like Constantino (Costa) Ella, who began working with us shortly after we began offshore operations in EG in 2001.

To support our operations, we developed a 156-acre beachfront complex of 18 homes, an office and support facilities on the outskirts of Bata. During construction of this complex, Costa was on the “machete crew” clearing jungle growth at the building site. Hired as a security guard in 2002, Costa went on to become a bus driver and later assumed responsibility for supervising and training a team of 15 drivers. 

“I appreciate the opportunity that Hess has given me,” he said. “The company encourages employees to come up with ideas about their day-to-day work. My family is very happy that I am working for Hess and they are very impressed by all the skills I have acquired through my work.” 

In 2011, EG became the fourth region worldwide in the Hess Global Foundation program, joining the United States, Northwest Europe and Asia Pacific. The Foundation Program gives entry level engineers and geoscientists a career boost through training, mentorship and rotational job assignments within Exploration, Exploration Technology and Production. Participants spend their first two years as Hess employees working on relevant projects for an average of four months at a time. It helps broaden their awareness and understanding of job opportunities, and accelerates the development cycle by making them fully productive in less time. 

Several of the engineers we hired in EG attended universities in the United States. The Foundation Program gave them opportunities to accelerate their career development by participating in four-month job rotations in the U.S. before returning to their home country. 

Growing local talent benefits Hess, its employees and the host country. In Indonesia, for example, hiring large numbers of residents from the communities where we operate makes it easy to communicate in Bahasa, the local language. That enables us to solve operational problems more efficiently and strengthen our relationships with the Indonesian oil and gas agency, contractors and others critical to our success.

In 2012, we named one local resident, Ronald Gunawan, as general manager – our top post in Indonesia.

By working for a company like Hess, local employees expand their opportunities to develop new skills and gain experiences. “Most of what I have learned has been through on-the-job experiences that have upgraded my skill set,” said Ramkumar Gowrikumar, a planning specialist in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In his first three years with us, he has progressed through positions in finance, audit and business planning. 

“Hess is good at providing people with the necessary exposure and challenges for career and personal development,” Gowrikumar said. “I like that there is an established framework for setting short- and long-term career goals and that we have honest discussions annually to set a development plan and keep us on track.”