Paula Luff Video Transcript
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Paula Luff, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility: Hess takes very seriously its relationship with local stakeholders wherever we operate. And, for us, it’s terribly important to make a huge contribution to the economy and development of a country and to also leave the place better off for having been there. We believe that it’s important to make a lasting and meaningful contribution in a way that’s responsible environmentally, health-wise, safety wise. For example, in Equatorial Guinea, we have a huge education program that is designed to address a business constraint – notably an educated workforce – but also meet a national priority to improve the quality of education. We know that our stakeholders and our host government have been pleased with the partnership face that we present to the world:  integrity, value, trustworthiness. We’re guests wherever we operate whether that’s in south Texas or Equatorial Guinea.  We’re very aware of that and it’s a very privileged position to be in.