Our Values Guide Our Business Transcript
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Narrator: At Hess we hold a great view of the future.


John Hess: While change is a constant, one thing that doesn’t change is who we are as a company, and that’s grounded in our values.


Narrator: For more than 85 years in the oil and gas industry, we have held true to our values.


Greg Hill: If there’s one thing that really typifies what this company is about: it’s doing the right thing no matter what.


Jason Harry: The Hess way is being able to work in a collaborative environment, tell the truth and be very open.


Evelyn MacLean: Hess has integrity. We follow through and where we commit, it has meaning.


Narrator: And Hess employees are recognized as some of the most accomplished professionals in the industry.


Rosemary Freeman: Hess is a very special company to work for. They invest a lot of time, money and energy in growing its people.


Arin Basmajian: The people are what make me passionate about my job.


Mohd Iskandar Rahim: The people around me support me and inspire me to better perform in my job.


Blane Cole: I can’t say enough about all the people that have gone above and beyond.  They’re all driven by performance.  It just makes you excited to come to work.


Narrator: From the Bakken and Gulf of Mexico, to Southeast Asia and Guyana, we are helping meet the world’s growing energy needs in a safe, responsible and profitable way.


George Lumsden: We have a focus on operational efficiency, and we have a strong focus on costs to achieve optimum performance.


Clare Gardner: We’re going over three-to-five-thousand meters below the surface.  We’re able to push the boundaries on where we can explore.


Narrator: We work closely with partners on-shore and off-shore, around the world, to do exceptional things.


Jeff Miller: Hess is a great executor and a very innovative company, as well.


Siggi Meissner: Based on that trust that you receive from Hess you take a much more long-term approach.


Ron Ness: Hess has always been leaders in the industry.


John Reed: My values have always been social responsibility and community outreach. I was thrilled to find that I could continue that here at Hess.


Nels & Starla Norstedt: We have such a good working relationship with Hess. They work very hard to try and meet the needs of the farmers.


Gabby Boersner: We are willing to explore the new frontiers and push the envelope, and I think that’s part of an independent spirit.


John Hess: We want to be the most trusted energy partner in the world and, ultimately, guided by our values.


Narrator: Hess has changed a lot over the decades. Inspired by challenge and driven by purpose, the future is in great hands.