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Key Initiatives


We continue to evolve and advance our management systems in a manner that aligns with Hess’ portfolio and organizational structure. As part of this process, in 2018 we reorganized into teams of functional leaders (e.g., Environment, Health and Safety (EHS); Wells; Human Resources; Supply Chain), which helps us continue to improve oversight and assurance across the company and provide expertise in key functional areas within each asset. The Head of each functional area is responsible for overseeing activities in that area across the company, verifying that relevant standards are applied as appropriate and working with each asset to optimize safety, quality, delivery and cost.


The Heads of each function are supported by technical authorities and subject matter experts – many of whom are embedded directly into our assets. Together with leadership from each asset, these individuals form the “Heads of” and Technical Authority Network, which supports operations across the company. This group – and other functional leaders and subject matter experts as relevant – meets monthly to optimize synergies across our functions and assets, support enterprisewide initiatives and promote transparency of activities.


In 2020, we continued implementing and optimizing the Hess Operational Management System (HOMS), a single, enterprisewide system that governs how we operate. HOMS establishes a common operational framework outlining how we address risk management, process safety, environmental responsibility, and management of employees and contractors, as well as the efficient and reliable design and operation of our assets. This integrated and consistent enterprisewide approach is designed to help us manage risks associated with a changing organization; coordinate technical expertise, standards and processes across the organization; and align asset level operations with enterprisewide corporate standards and business priorities.


Ongoing assurance and continuous improvement are central aspects of how we manage our organization, including using audits and assessments of our implementation of and compliance with HOMS. Key operations and processes are reviewed regularly based on assessed risk and compliance requirements.


In 2020, we are streamlining Hess’ enterprise- and asset-level safety and operational standards, procedures and other governance documents as part of our implementation of HOMS.

Reliability Operations

Over the past five years, we have been implementing a companywide Reliability Operations model across our operated assets to help improve equipment reliability through a focused cultural shift that promotes greater ownership and proactive equipment maintenance.


To support this cultural shift, we developed reliability engineering processes in conjunction with asset level personnel to help ensure that processes are relevant to the specific challenges faced by each asset and support the needs of our colleagues in the field. We have also developed key performance indicators and internal dashboards focused on barrier integrity – a key area of reliability – to improve transparency, ownership and accountability.


In 2020, we continued to enhance the program, using Lean principles to undertake detailed analyses of maintenance strategies and to improve performance and reliability through optimized scheduling. Through these reliability efforts, we believe we are maximizing efficiency, reliability, integrity and surveillance; optimizing production and costs; and driving continuous improvement, most importantly in EHS performance.