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The Stampede field is located 115 miles south of Fourchon, La.

The Stampede deepwater oil and gas field is one of the largest undeveloped fields in the Gulf of Mexico.

Discovered in 2005, Stampede is located 115 miles south of Fourchon, LA., in the Gulf of Mexico (Green Canyon Blocks 468, 511 and 512). The field is located in approximately 3,500 feet of water, with a reservoir depth of 30,000 feet. 

The project leverages Hess' proven capability to safely execute deepwater development projects. Stampede achieved first oil in January 2018.

The project was sanctioned in October 2014. Hess has a 25% working interest and is operator. Union Oil Company of California, a subsidiary of Chevron Corp., Statoil Gulf of Mexico LLC and Nexen Petroleum Offshore U.S.A. Inc., a wholly owned affiliate of CNOOC Limited company. Each have a 25% working interest.