Value Creation
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Value Creation


We are committed to creating shareholder value based on sustained financial performance and long-term profitable growth.

Our business decisions are guided by our commitment to long-term value and rigorous financial discipline. We focus on opportunities where we can establish competitive advantage, deliver outstanding results and create significant value. Our goal is to create and manage a portfolio of assets that will deliver strong, sustainable financial performance and long-term growth.

Hess-operated Tubular Bells - one of the world's most complex deepwater oil and gas projects - is a prime example of how we create value for our shareholders. Hess commenced production in November 2014 safely, within budget and in just three years from sanction. The asset will be an important part of our growth in the years ahead. The knowledge, expertise and partnerships from Tubular Bells are being carried over to another deepwater project in the Gulf of Mexico called Stampede, which is expected to begin producing in 2018.