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Building a Successful Partnership in Denmark


We have created mutually beneficial relationships at our operations in the Danish North Sea.

Svend Lykkemark Christensen, Danoil director of Exploration, noted that his company has been working together with Hess in Denmark since 1983. “Hess really takes its work with its partners seriously, and is always willing to listen to new ideas and new perspectives,” he said.

Eivind Samuelsen, Production Planning & Optimization Team Lead at Hess, said the one-team approach is the key to success, adding, “Collaboration across disciplines, that’s what it is about.”

Paul Jorgensen, E&P Offshore Production manager for Dong, another Hess partner, said, “We are trying to maximize output by operating effectively and safely.” Matt Sorenson, Hess construction group electrician, echoes those sentiments. “At Hess, safety is the highest priority,” he explained, adding that the operation recently celebrated nine years without a lost time incident.

Jorgensen said everyone involved in the Hess operations in Denmark – employees and contractors – is treated as one crew. That’s helping Hess “raise the bar,” Samuelsen said.

We are meeting or exceeding performance targets. “The production excellence program means you get a well and you make sure you get the top performance out of it,” Samuelsen continued. 

The strategy works. “We had an expectation the prospect contained 89 million barrels of oil when we started, and now we are talking about 220 million barrels of oil,” Christensen said.

Hess has achieved outstanding performance, uptime and safety records in Denmark. “What’s coming up next in South Arne is our phase three development,” Samuelsen said. “What we’re going to do there is actually continue to the north with another seven wells.”

Christensen said he “very much looks forward to the northern extension,” adding, “I can promise Hess we always expect more from them.”