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Vicky, Completions Engineering Manager, Houston: "One of the things we strive for as managers within Hess and team leaders is to make sure our employees are in the positions they want to be in, working on projects they want to work on. When I was doing some recruiting on campuses, one of the things (I saw) was the number of kids going to work in very small companies that are very focused on land operations, which are very difficult places to grow. You can become an expert at that in a relatively short period of time. But then what, right? You’re 10 years out of college and you’ve only ever drilled 10,000-foot wells in West Texas. What do you do now? And so one of the things you can do at Hess is take the opportunity to move, to change, to work on different assets, to work in different technologies.  And you have a lot of say in what you do. I've had a number of engineers in my group – three-to-five-year engineers – that went in a completely different way from being a drilling engineer to working in production. Say you’re working at a reservoir, drilling, and you decide you want to work as a production engineer in Denmark. If there’s a position open, you will be considered for that position. It's pretty unique for an operating company to be able to send people into international positions that early in their careers. Hess definitely takes care of its people."