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Trey, Land Manager, Houston: "I started out my career after graduating from college by going to work for one of the big major oil companies. I was there about three years and it was a great, great experience. It was a great company. It had an incredible training program. But what I found was that over this three- or four-year period, I was working on the exact same type of project over and over again. Hess (representatives) approached me about joining them and they said, 'Well, at Hess, we're a company that’s not near as big as a super major but still large enough to have a real global portfolio. So there will be opportunities for you to work on many, many different types of projects.' I've been very, very fortunate. I’ve had an opportunity to live as an expat with Hess, first in Perth, Australia for two years and then in Jakarta, Indonesia for two years. On both occasions I took my wife and kids with me. And Hess does a really, really good job of understanding that this is a big, big decision for a family to do this. And if they don’t support the family, if the family’s not behind the move, it’s probably going to be a failed opportunity for the person on the expat assignment. So Hess puts in a great bit of work and detail to make sure that your kids are attending the appropriate schools. Our boys both attended the international schools in Perth and Jakarta. That way they could stay on a North American curriculum. Hess always makes it a priority to make it family first."