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Robin, Manager, Exploration, Gulf of Mexico: "I decided to join Hess because I really liked the smaller, mid-sized company and the independent spirit that was one of its corporate values. I liked the idea that I’d get to work on meaningful projects and have responsibility right from the start of my career. I started off doing deepwater exploration in the North Sea and in Brazil and West Africa. And then I went to the Gulf of Mexico as an exploration geologist. What I didn’t realize until I went to the Bakken (in North Dakota) was how different an onshore, unconventional operation is from a deepwater operation. The whole project planning and sort of factory-like operation that you need to be successful onshore is very different from what I’d seen offshore. That was a great learning because it’s a growing part of the business for Hess. What’s really nice about the onshore environment is that you’re drilling wells every day and that you learn on a very fast cycle, as opposed to in deepwater where you maybe only drill a well once every year. So the opportunities abound, for a geologist, about the subsurface, and to optimize is really exciting. Hess is a great place to work because every day there's new challenges."