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Richard, Operations Manager in Exploration and Production, Houston: "I think the attractive thing about Hess is that it’s very team-oriented. It’s a small enough company where when you come in you’re actually participating and contributing to the bottom line of the company from day one. You have an influence on your future and what you want to do. So you come in and start out as an engineer. Then they actually ask you, 'What would you like to do from here?' I wanted to go overseas and that wish was granted and I’ve spent more than half of my career overseas. I’ve been to Abu Dhabi, I've worked in Norway, Russia, Algeria, and my next assignment will be overseas again. When I worked in Russia we contributed to hospitals. We got equipment for them, rebuilt some of their rooms. Within Algeria, when the country had a major earthquake, Hess stepped up and donated I think it was $500,000. When we had the floods up in North Dakota two years ago, Hess stood up and again contributed a lot of money. In fact, the employees that were up there actually opened their homes to the folks who were flooded out. The people at Hess have been fantastic. That’s one thing that’s not changed over the 30 years – 30-plus years I’ve been here. You know, the management’s changed and our strategies have changed but the core values and the people remain the same. It’s been fantastic."