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Michelle, Senior Geophysical Advisor, Houston: "Hess is a great place to work primarily because of the family-like atmosphere. It has been that way with Hess the whole time I've been here, even though we grew much larger. It’s still a relatively small company and I think most people have a very human perspective. There’s a very human attitude towards people’s work-life balance. I have two children – two little boys. For each one, it was important to me to be able to take a few extra months on top of my (Family and Medical Leave Act) FMLA (time). I wanted to spend a little time with them while they were very young and Hess was entirely supportive of that. Each time I've come back to great projects. I've not missed a beat in terms of where I've gone with my career. It’s not just the big time off piece, but if there’s a small family emergency or I have to run to the doctor with the children, it's not even a question. I just do what I need to do. I do my job for the company and deliver what I need to do, so taking time to deal with minor issues is just not an issue. This company has grown a lot in the last 10 years. But it’s nice that it's maintained that feeling that it’s a very human-focused company."