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Arin, Senior Completions Engineer, Houston: "I joined Hess for a number of reasons. I was in the service company side of the business and Hess was actually one of my clients. Through my interaction with Hess, I got to know the company and the people, as well as the size of the company. It was not too big, not too small. I felt that it was the right blend for me to join. You can plan your career path and you can see what other positions you can go into. For example, I’m currently a completions engineer and I’m planning to eventually work into strategy and planning. With a company like Hess, there are many different opportunities. The company allows you to go across functions — for example, if you wanted to go from completions to drilling or production and so on. Are you looking for a career? Are you looking for flexibility? Are you looking for supportive people? The fact of the matter is that there’s no trade off here. You get it all. What’s interesting for me is I've indicated an interest in strategy and the company is going to help me develop into that position. That’s really something awesome."