We strive to attract, motivate, and reward highly talented people who embrace their work with pride and passion.

We inspire their dedication and best efforts by investing in their personal development, and rewarding their accomplishments. We are committed to diversity and value each individual’s opinions. We are committed to frequent and open communication of information and ideas.

"Being creative is important to Hess"

A group of international Hess employees come together to discuss how Hess grows its own timber. The video features Siti Sabrina Suut, Subsurface team lead, Malaysia; Lili Aizah Ismail, Subsurface team lead, Thailand; Mohd Iskandar Rahim, a reservoir engineer in Malaysia; Rachan Engchanil, production superintendent, Thailand; and Antiek Wahyu, Human Resources advisor, Houston. "Being creative is important to us," Ismail said. "We are developing our young engineers so they will be able to lead our company in the future."