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Progressively Adopting Technology That Works


Embracing Innovative Technology Applications to Improve Our Business Results

We identify and apply new science and technologies that make our businesses safer, smarter and more efficient, providing our worldwide Exploration and Production operations access to some of the industry's most advanced tools. An important part of this effort is supporting energy-related research at the University of Wyoming, the University of North Dakota and other research institutions. We are an industry leader in the acquisition and processing of seismic imaging and also rely on a full menu of other technologies including operational modeling and simulation, optimization, asset performance prediction, and data mining and portfolio management. These applications of technology are leading to improvements in: production volumes, cost control, return on capital employed and operational efficiency.

  • A Leader in Analysis and Data Processing

    Hess led the industry in the application of seismic data analysis and processing. We were the first to use surface seismic technology in 1943 and 25 years ago, the first to link computers to our own mainframes to process seismic data.
  • Deepwater Expertise Boosts Production

    Our extensive technical capabilities have given us great access and helped us develop many complex fields. We demonstrate industry-leading technical focus by leveraging equipment and technology to boost production rates.
  • Getting the Most from Our Assets

    We are adopting advanced technologies, applying new operating procedures and leveraging our success in shale oil and gas production in the U.S. across our other assets. Wise use of technology helps us produce more oil at lower cost.