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The Environment

We consider responsible management of our environmental footprint to be an important component of our operational excellence. 

We dedicate significant staff and resources to ensuring compliance with environmental laws and regulations, international standards and our voluntary commitments.


We have several key performance metrics that we track at the asset and enterprise levels, and performance on these metrics is included in the employee bonus formula. Our assets have spill preparedness and response plans and conduct emergency response exercises.


Through these efforts, we continuously strive to reduce the amount of water and energy we use, limit our emissions to air, and prevent spills and other unplanned releases.

  • Water

    At Hess, we recognize public concern about our industry's use of water, and we are committed to using water wisely in our operations. We understand the importance of a risk-based approach to water management.
  • Biodiversity

    At every Hess location around the globe, we include the protection of biodiversity in our project decision making and management. We typically conduct formal environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs) on all major capital projects as part of site evaluation, selection and risk assessment.
  • Waste

    Wastes are managed according to the waste management plan specific to each operating location. The waste management plan is designed to comply with all applicable regulatory requirements and to protect human health and the environment. Following our Lean philosophy, our operations try to minimize waste generation and recycle wherever possible.