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Respect for People, Property and the Environment

At Hess, we equate sustainability with the long-term maintenance of the environmental, economic, governance and social aspects of our business, including responsible stewardship of resources. Our goal is to help meet the world’s increasing demand for energy and sustain long term profitable growth while incorporating environmental and social considerations into our business decisions. We are proud of our accomplishments and aware that significant challenges remain. With the support of our communities, employees, customers, business partners and investors, we strive to make a positive impact on the world around us.
  • Environmental Stewardship

    We are committed to helping meet the world’s demand for energy in an environmentally responsible way. We strive to be a steward of water resources, prevent spills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize impact on biodiversity and key ecosystems.
  • Focusing on Safety and Health

    Keeping people safe is fundamental to how we operate. We continue to enhance our enterprise-wide systems, processes and programs to improve our safety and health performance.
  • Helping Communities

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy fosters active engagement with local communities, host governments and other stakeholders to create positive and lasting economic and social benefits.
  • Methane

    Improving Our Understanding of Methane Emissions

    Hess is investing in efforts to improve methane data collection and measurement, to improve our understanding of methane sources and trends and to enable more effective management of opportunities to reduce methane emissions.
  • Performance Data

    Our systems promote consistent and reliable data collection and aggregation, including internal data review and external verification.
  • Respecting Human Rights

    Hess is committed to respecting and advancing human rights. We support voluntary initiatives that promote human rights and expect our employees and contractors to comply with our Corporate Human Rights Policy.