Prosperity Video Transcript
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The Opportunities are Unbelievable


The oil boom has vastly expanded our economy.

Wayne Johnson, Farmer, North Dakota.: “Well, it wasn't even ten years ago. We were on the brink of losing our school, losing our hospital. Of course with that, no one wanted to live here — other than the people that had lived here their whole lives. None of the young people were staying. I think Hess, when they came to the door and said 'we’re going to put a well in,' I was pretty excited. The change meant progress. It meant opportunities for jobs. When the oil industry came in, it was kind of like our prayers were answered.”

Dean Aberle, Owner, Homesteaders Restaurant: “Business has increased big time. It’s been awesome. It’s just non-stop. You just can’t predict rush times now, you know.”

Todd Deardurff
, Contractor, Baha Petroleum: “The opportunities are unbelievable for Minot and the surrounding area, from retail to restaurant business to the oil fields. If you want to work, come to Minot, North Dakota because the jobs are here.”

Wayne Biberdorf
, North Dakota Energy Impact Coordinator: “I know people who have children who moved away that have now come back and said, 'You know, the opportunities that are presented now are something that interest me in North Dakota.' So that’s a great thing for those of us who have grown up here.”

Ron Ness
, President, North Dakota Petroleum Council: “Along with the oil production comes wealth creation — revenues for schools and activity for businesses. Companies like Hess, working with the small, local businesses, there's such a ripple effect of the economic impacts.”

Brandon Johnson, Superintendent, Triangle Electric: “Triangle Electric was started in 1946. It's family owned, family operated, family run, and it's been in the local area doing most of the construction activity. When I started with Triangle, it was a smaller shop, you know, 15 to 20 guys roughly. Two years ago for Hess we had roughly 40, 50 people. A year ago we had 60 people. Now currently, at Hess, there’s 122 people. To see all the good things happening here and to be part of that with a locally owned shop, it means a lot.”

Biberdorf: “We have a lot of people who have the ability to put roots down here and live here, make a long-term commitment to this area.

Ness: “What the oil industry has brought to North Dakota over the past half-a-dozen years is we’ve seen the lowest unemployment rate in the nation. We’ve got the best economy in the nation. North Dakota has become the land of opportunity.”