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The Land is the Lifeblood of North Dakota


We want to leave North Dakota the way we found it.

Brian Hollinger, Farmer, Mountrail County, North Dakota: “Well, the land is precious to a farming community and family. It’s the lifeblood of what you are and that’s the only thing we have to look back on and pass on for generations to come.”

Dorvan and Eileen Solberg, Farmers, Williams County, North Dakota: “Well, I started raising quarter horses in 1959, I think it was. The reason they’re in such good flesh is that they’re living off of this native prairie which is their natural habitat. Horses are grazers. This grass is powerful stuff.”

Brandon Herda, Hess Environment Health and Safety Manager: “When we start as employees, they tell us about the Hess values and the environmental piece to all that. And how we protect our environment is instilled in us in the very beginning. Working in North Dakota, working all over the world, I see that wherever I go and that’s what keeps me working for this company.”

Alejandro Sagebien
, Hess Environment Health and Safety Manager: “Typically, your groundwater aquifers may be from 200 feet to 1,000 feet, which is where you would drill your well that you would use for  irrigation water. The wells that we’re drilling are essentially 5,000 to 6,000 feet below the surface. And, as we’re going through these water-bearing zones, this is where we’re making sure that we’re using three rounds of steel casing plus cement in-between each of these casing strings.  So, really, the focus is on maintaining the integrity of that well bore that ensure that nothing is permeating out.”

Larry and Ula Widdel
, Farmers, McKenzie County, North Dakota: “We’re not geologists.  We really don’t know what it takes to drill a well and make it work. But we do know what we know.  We know that the land has been good to us.  We absolutely don’t want to see that in any way hurt or destroyed or injured.”

Dorvan Solberg: “I haven’t noticed any issues with my water. We’re drinking fresh well water all the time.”

Hollinger: “Since all the oil activities, we haven’t noticed any changes in our water.  We are able to get, I’d say, within 20 yards of a well site and farm all the way around it.”

Herda: “Because I’m from here, my family is still here, and I want to leave it how I found it.  I want to ensure for North Dakotans that you have somebody who is of your own looking after you.“

Larry Widdel: “Well, I come down there and still enjoy my wildlife. I enjoy everything about this place. I enjoy the view. Every time I come up here I feel like I’m going to church. With Hess’ track record, they’re concerned about North Dakota like we are. I really believe they are.”