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We Try to Help Our Communities 


Hess has been here for a long time.

Ron Ness, President, North Dakota Petroleum Council: “Well, Hess drilled the first productive well in 1951. So they have been here since day one. They try and help the communities. They try and do things that help the state as a whole because they know they’re here for the long term.”

John MacMartin, President, Minot Area Chamber of Commerce: “Hess has been here for a long time. They've gone through a couple of the boom and busts and they've stayed. They've since grown and they've added to our community.”

Ivy Phillips, Hess Owner Relations Lead: “Anytime we come into a new community, there’s obviously a lot of anticipation and a lot of questions about how the local people are going to be treated and how we’re going to protect their community.”

Starla Norstedt, Farmer, Burke County, North Dakota: “We have such a good working relationship with Hess. They’re easy to work with. They work very hard to try and meet the needs of the farmers."

Nels Norstedt, Farmer, Burke County, North Dakota: "They graveled eight miles of road. They improved the intersection so local traffic and oil field traffic would be safer and better.”

Brent Lohnes, Hess Operations Manager, North Dakota: “I come from a farming background myself, so the attention that we pay to the locations here and the care that we take really hits home for me because this is part of my heritage as well.”

Merl Paaverud, Director State Historical Society of North Dakota: “My dreams for the North Dakota Heritage Center was to make it as good as it possibly could be. It had served us well for many, many years but it was time to expand it.”

Marlo Sveen, Development Director, State Historical Society of North Dakota: “When we got the money from Hess that was the last thing we needed to be able to actually start the project to start building this new great building that we’re having here that’s going to be able to tell North Dakota’s story.”

Paaverud: “We really appreciate Hess’ support for what we’re doing. That shows an insight into more than just North Dakota and its energy but to its people and to its history.”

MacMartin: “The event that changed Minot was June 22nd, 2011, when the river crested and inundated the community. The aftermath of the flood was difficult to deal with, and you sometimes felt like you were out here by yourself. Hess stepped up to the table and gave huge checks to help, but not only did Hess give checks, they gave their employees time to go and help people. And, if it wasn't for the corporate willingness of Hess to contribute to a disaster that they didn't have to, we wouldn't be where we are today.”