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These Are Our Communities

Our partnerships with communities, employees, businesses, customers and investors begin with transparent, sustainable business practices, which are essential to our license to operate.

Our people live and work in the communities where we do business and we work closely and collaboratively with them. We know that we must earn the trust of our neighbors every day.

To address the challenges associated with operating in North Dakota, where production activity and population growth have brought many changes in recent years, we have worked closely with members of the community to improve traffic safety, minimize road congestion and ensure quality road conditions. We are also making significant investments to improve the health and education of the residents of local communities through partnerships with government and leading non-government organizations.

Building Tomorrow's Workforce in North Dakota

In 2011 we announced a five-year $25 million donation to North Dakota schools. Succeed 2020 is a project designed to help students become better prepared for college, careers and the workplace.