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  • Hess Ensuring Sustainable Growth and Shareholder Value

    Ensuring Sustainable Growth and Shareholder Value

    Our portfolio of world-class Exploration & Production assets remains balanced, resilient and focused in areas where Hess is competitively advantaged. Five core areas represent 95 percent of our production and 83 percent of our reserves. Our portfolio is linked by operating capabilities and balanced for risk. Over the next several years, our portfolio will be approximately 50 percent unconventionals, 50 percent conventionals – 50 percent onshore, 50 percent offshore – and 50 percent United States, 50 percent international.

Hess: the Oracle of Lean in Oil and Gas

Hess: The Oracle of Lean in Oil and Gas

After learning about the company’s process of continuous improvement, Oil and Gas Investor called Hess “the oracle of lean in oil and gas.”  “What Lean also does is it really drives defects out of your business,“ says Hess COO Greg Hill. “The operations need to be very focused on reliability. What that has allowed us to do is to increase to over 1,500 operated wells now with effectively no additional operations staff by eliminating inefficiency.”

Hess Exploration Strategy

Focused Exploration

Hess’ exploration strategy is to create future growth options that deliver long-term value by focusing on proven and emerging oil-prone plays in the Atlantic Basin – areas our exploration team understands well and that leverage our offshore drilling and development capabilities.

Hess Tubular Bells in the Gulf of Mexico

Offshore Development and Production

Hess is a leader in deepwater development and production, with top quartile performance in offshore drilling and project delivery. Our company is the sixth-largest producer in the Gulf of Mexico and also has offshore assets in Europe, Asia Pacific and West Africa. We have been selected to operate major offshore projects by Gulf of Mexico partners and by the Malaysian national oil company.

Hess Onshore Operations

Onshore Operations

Hess has earned a reputation for top-quartile performance in unconventional oil and gas production in the U.S.   Our Onshore team is recognized as an industry-leading operator in two key U.S. shale plays — the North Dakota Bakken and Three Forks formations, where we produce shale oil and gas, and the Ohio Utica Basin, where we primarily produce natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGLs).  The culture in our Onshore operations is driven by Lean manufacturing principles and the search for continual improvement and efficiency.